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Here is what some of my clients have to say...

"I am not someone who naturally enjoys exercise but I looked forward to each session with Heather and was astounded by how much she made me sweat! Heather developed exercise plans based on my goals (rediscover my ab muscles and feel more energetic) and showed me how I could exercise in my own home, with no fancy equipment. She kept each session interesting with an incredible variety of exercises and always listened to my feedback. Heather also introduced me to different ways of exercising - yoga, pilates, and stroller power-walking are now all part of my healthy lifestyle" 

- Susie, 35, postnatal client 

"Thank you again for working with me. I can't tell how much you've helped me and I absolutely love the exercises and variety" 

- Nasreen, 30, adult client 

"Your training sessions are excellent!" 

- Sarah, 24, postnatal client 

"My energy level has increased so tremendously, everyone sees it, and I am thrilled beyond belief for my constant source of energy. Everyone sees it in me, and I am eternally grateful for the profound way in which you have revitalized me, age 80! 

- Ann, 80, older adult client" 

"I can't thank you enough for "working me out" over the past few months. It was so much fun, I'm definitely MORE FIT. I will really miss our weekly sessions as the workouts and chats were something I always looked forward to" 

- Shannon, 32, postnatal client 

Heather! I want to thank you for making getting fit fun! I am so close to my final goal and am loving this healthy obsession. My next shopping trip will be SO rewarding! Here's to Nicole 1 : Baby Body 0 ;) 

- Nicole, 35, postnatal client 

Just wanted to say that I can't wait for your class to start up again! Getting back in shape after having a baby is always hard work but you have made my goal attainable by recommending specific workout moves to target the areas I am concerned with most. I'm on my way to getting back to my fit self again, thanks to your class! Thanks Heather! 

- Ana, 36, postnatal client. 

Hi Heather, THANK YOU!!!! You have already made a huge difference to me. I've changed my son's room into an activity room for ME which means I will be using more of my house to focus on my fitness goals! 

- Anna, 62, older adult client. 

Another great workout with my amazing trainer Heather Speer! It feels so good to actually see my body changing too! I haven't been this skinny in ages! 

- Helen, 42, adult client.'

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